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He and his smile and his tongue

Norman AND Ted?! He’s technically sitting with Seth here. My head is going to explode!

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your icon will be the one that wakes you up serving breakfast naked

yes please!

He wouldn’t even need to make anything. Seth himself would be my breakfast ;)

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"I’d have to say he’s my best friend… Or he’d kick my teeth in."

Rik Mayall on Ade Edmondson
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I must make a personal post about the loss of one of Britain’s true comic greats, Mr Rik Mayall, lest the tears will never dry from my cheeks.

I still remember the first Bottom episode I ever watched, 'S Out in which Richie and Eddie go camping on Wimbledon Common, resulting in them beating the shit out of each other as usual over a packet of chocolate Hob-Nobs and losing Eddie’s vest in the pond after an unsuccessful fishing attempt.

I was far too young to understand a lot of the jokes but the slapstick violence on screen delighted and amused me to no end and I thank my parents so much for being slightly irresponsible enough to let me watch it at such a tender age. Thus began my childhood watching and subsequently growing up on Bottom, the equally hilarious and more surreal The Young Ones and a programme that actually had my sides splitting with laughter thanks to Spandau Ballet’s Gold being stuck on repeat and a huge outburst of, “OH GODDDDDDDDDDDD!” from Rik (or Alan. Fans of Comic Strip Presents will know what I mean) when the car won’t start, Four Men In A Car.

Countless times Rik has cheered me up, made me laugh until my sides hurt, made me wear out the rewind button on my VHS player remote control, inspired me with his comic genius and is responsible for moulding my sense of humour into what it is today.

I thank him for all of those wonderful moments from the bottom of my heart. You made me realise what laughter was from a young age Rik, and that it is the best gift anybody can ever give. You gave so much of it throughout your life, you inspire me to give laughter and entertainment to people every day in any way I can.

You were the Rik to my Vyvyan and the Richie to my Eddie. Taken from this world far too soon, I know you’re up there, calling all of your fans pathetic bastards for crying and being sad. Give us time though, we will be watching you on our DVD and VHS players soon and laughing once more.

Your legacy and laughter will live on forever.

Rest In Peace Rik, "Young Ones are never afraid."

Rik Mayall: 07/03/1958 - 09/06/2014

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There were times when Rik and I were writing together when we almost died laughing. They were some of the most carefree stupid days I ever had, and I feel privileged to have shared them with him.

And now he’s died for real. Without me. Selfish bastard.


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Rik Mayall (1958-2014)

Sorry for the unrelated Seth post. This just had to be done in memory of one of my favourite ever comedians and my comedy hero. Devastated and heartbroken at the loss of this wonderful man. Thank you so much for the laughter you have given me since childhood Rik, always and forever in my heart. Never forgotten, always remembered. Rest In Peace ❤️ XxX

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Kids….. This is real.

When I said Seth should get an Instagram, I was kind of joking.

YES! I want selfies… Nude selfies!

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- Seth & Amanda at the MTV Movie Awards, April 2014 ❤️

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Seth MacFarlane being adorable at Vibrato on 6/1/14 with Charlize Theron x

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I’m achy, tired and very sore, I need a cure to sweat out whatever I’ve come down with. So what do I do? Look at pictures of Seth! His hotness will literally MELT the sickness out of me. He never fails to make me feel better. Oh and pizza, I must have pizza… WHILST looking at pictures of Seth. My ovaries are most definitely going to explode at that combination.