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Brian: Seth doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder but if he did, I’m the chip and he’s one hot sweet potato! Yeah, I’m jealous of even myself.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live 10.04.2014

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Ever change the wallpaper on your phone and think, holy shit it’s like I have new phone!

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Holy Mary mother of god. How CHISELLED does his jaw look on that first one?! *dies*

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@SethMacFarlane: Me & Alan Silvestri. I whistled the Back to the Future theme until he walked away.

chest hair!

Hold up, wait a minute! Is this the first pic of him he posted himself on Twitter, or did I miss something before that??

This chick needs answers!

Yep, I believe so!

I love him for being so damn shy about posting pictures of himself. He clearly doesn’t realise how perfect and gorgeous he is.

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Hi I’m Seth MacFarlane, here to make you wonder how the hell I got so adorable.

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Remember that day when you first saw Seth and your life was ruined? Remember how he’s still ruining it to this day? Remember how he always will be? Yeah, we all remember that.

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So I finally got my copy! And where did I get it? Paris of course! As you can see from the stamp in the second photo I got it from the Shakespeare And Company book store, specialising in English books. Loved the book store and simply had to buy our boys novel when I saw it on the shelf! It came with me to the Louvre and right to the top of Tour Montparnasse. I will treasure this special book forever ❤️